Helen O’Sullivan

I founded Homeopathy by Helen to offer homeopathy to my patients. I tailor each an individual treatment plan for each patient. I practise in various clinics in Herts, Beds and Bucks. I also offer skype consultations if you live further afield, or it is more convenient to you.

I started by using the most well known remedy, arnica. I gradually started to use it myself more and more. Little did I know then, what a profound impact it was to have on me! My Acupuncturist introduced me to Homeopathy and I can’t thank her enough! As I started using it more, she suggested I saw a homeopath, which I did. After only 2 consultations, I was inspired to train to be one.

I undertook a full-time course at the College of Practical Homeopathy in London. Starting the course was the beginning of a journey that opened my eyes to how many different ways you can ‘stimulate the body to heal’ using homeopathy.

Having been trained practically, there are many different methods of using homeopathy. I can incorporate nutritional and lifestyle advice, in addition I will use flower essences to enhance my homeopathic prescriptions if I consider this will benefit the patient.